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 Bleach Updates

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PostSubject: Bleach Updates   Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:37 am

now we are on episode 301 and was released today 13 December 2010

for those of you who dont know, aizen storyline has been going since the early days of bleach... well on and off
still with the aizen and hyokoku

finaly in the recent episodes we have been able to see ichigo's dad in action Very Happy . for the battle he is joined by uahara and yourouichi who battles with aizen (and finaly get to see belihime in action )
Gin Ichimaru's bankai is finaly revealed and it packs a hell of a punch

next episode due next tuesday 21 december 2010
i cant wait Very Happy

You came, in that your braver than i thought

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Bleach Updates
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