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 Inuyasha (And Kagome)

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PostSubject: Inuyasha (And Kagome)   Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:43 pm

now my current one Very Happy

InuYasha is about a half-demon called InuYasha, and a girl with a secret named Kagome. Oh, and many other demons that are trying to get Kagome, of course.

Kagome has been implanted with the Jewel of Four Souls [Shikon no Tama] from her previous incarnation, Kikyou. And if that wasn't enough, she has also finds herself beening sucked into a magic well, only to land way back in the time of her ancestors.

Shortly afterwards, Mistress Centipede, a giant centipede-like demon, attacks, and she reluctantly releases InuYasha to help defeat it. Unfortunately, after the demon is taken care of, InuYasha goes after Kagome for the jewel.

Fifteen-year-old schoolgirl Kagome Higurashi, whose family tends a shrine, falls into an old well one day and literally tumbles into ancient Japanese history. On the other side she meets InuYasha, the half demon who claims she smells just like the woman who fifty years ago pinned him with her arrow to a tree, where he's been all this time.

Unwilling allies at first, the two become closer as their search for the sacred "Jewel of Four Souls" continues.

You came, in that your braver than i thought

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Inuyasha (And Kagome)
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